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Rachel Dolezal (The Blackest woman alive according to Whoopi Goldberg) has accidentally stumbled on a frequently overlooked truth. To recap; Rachel’s convincing “biracial-face” gave her access to a high ranking NAACP post, and unlimited N-word privileges. Surprisingly, I have sympathy for her; because she is likely fairly mentally ill (Or has fooled us again). But I still find her story highly annoying. For one, it introduced the term “trans-racial” into our cultural lexicon. And like reverse-racism; THAT’S NOT A THING! But also irking me, is that Dolezal was able to profit on her delusions of Blackness; proving that co-opting Black American culture is a lucrative business…. Which brings me to Hip Hop, where Blackness and street cred is valued, and frequently counterfeited. Dolezaling in Hip Hop isn’t just about race… Anybody who misrepresents who they are to sell records can be a Hip Hop Dolezal. So let’s take a look at the rappers who have Papa Doc-ed…

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