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“Shut-up you Black-bitch!”, was once yelled at me by a stranger in 2005. We were arguing at a club because she thought my friend stole her drink…. She was wrong! But in her defence, she was drunk and an idiot. I foolishly demanded justice in the form of an apology, but this actual thirsty bitch was having none of it. “Shut-up you Black-bitch” had effectively stunned me into silence (Until my friend cold cocked her, and we had to get the fuck out of dodge). Her insult got to me and my gully friend, because she made being a Black woman sound derogatory and synonymous with being a bitch; it resembled the familiar narrative that accompanies dismissive and hostile actions against Black women in general. When we are assertive, outspoken, or justifiably angry, we’re viewed as ignorant, loud, neck rolling, sass monsters, who are asking for it. In the media…

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