I am pretty good at making lists, and pretty bad at following them through to the end. I am like a gymnast who runs full force towards the vault and then changes her mind mid-flip. So like a dead gymnast. I am a dead gymnast.

BUT NOT TODAY! My plan is to post a list of vague, yet important life goals on my website, in the desperate hope that making them somewhat public, (somewhat because of the obscurity of this website… Due to the fact that promoting this site is still on my list of things to do), will  fuel me with the shame I need to follow through:

  • Be a way better friend to my friends. They have done nothing wrong, except maybe agreeing to be friends with a self-involved flake. 
  • Be honest with people who upset me. Holding a secret grudge is pretty dumb.
  • Be more disciplined about writing, and taking workshops and classes. Pretend like I’m actually getting paid to make myself better. 
  • Be a more honest person, in life and in comedy. People will hate me regardless 🙂 
  • Got to the doctor x 5. I am afraid of bad news, and have avoided going to a doctor for issues that range from “a knee isn’t supposed to sound like that”, to, “what is this breast cancer I’ve been hearing so much about”.
  • Apologize. Just eat shit and say I’m sorry to a bunch of people I’ve disappointed.
  • Find a new job. There are some fires not even a helicopter full of water can extinguish.

Current Mood: Temporarily accountable for  my actions.