Had anybody asked me at 18 where I’d be as an adult in my 30s, I probably wouldn’t have guessed still living with my fucking parents (Whom I love. Thanks for the free room and food!)… But I for sure would have never dreamed that on December 18th, 2015,  me and my crew would be dropping a Hip Hop Album!

I should confess that out of the whole “Runnin’ At The Mouth” crew (Mark James Heath, Marito Antonio Lopez, Jhanelle Dennis, and Kweku Winful), I am the least about that life. I love Hip Hop, but I have checked in and out periodically throughout the years. It may have been my instant  annoyance towards Southern Hip Hop, or my eventual weariness at being called a bitch a lot. Not sure. But every now and then, a fellow comic will ask me to suggest an album or artist they should give…

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